Highlight all Workers when you select a building

When things are getting done as fast as expected, I often wonder what the (for instance) my builders are doing. There's no easy way to find out if you have multiple workers in a building, you can click on individuals, but then it takes a couple clicks and probably some scrolling to click on the next worker.

If however, all the out-of-doors workers were highlighted when you click on a building it would make it quick and easy to see what they are doing, spot problems and then trouble-shoot with that information.

Arguably, if you have multiple buildings of the same type you might want to see (for instance) all farmers when you click on a farm house. I've just played the demo, so it's hard to predict if that would be beneficial or annoying when you get to much later stages of the game.

And by the way, I'd like to see a different highlight color than green in general. There may be a lot of green on the map, so it really doesn't pop like a lot of less common colors would.

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Comments: 6

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