Rework foods system to be easily expandable and moddable

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General idea that was discussed in discord in a few variations is removing individual bonuses for concrete food items, but categorizing foods in a number of types. Stat boost could depend on a type of food or diet including different types of foods, or have incremental effect for each additional type.

Purpose is to allow adding variety of foods without adding new stat boost for each, or having "pointless" kinds without any bonuses. It also could make berries useful beyond the early game stage.

Another point is simulating balanced diet, that just doesn't give a one big boost from having a single kind of food, but better stimulating a "healthy" variety.

UPDATE [28.11.21]: adding illustration and math model from AfterCrow's suggestion:

*Any 1st crop will give a fair 20% boost.
*This method allows an infinite amount of recipes.
*Easier for new players to keep track of needs (less complex menu)

see full description in merged comments

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Comments: 11

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