Digging up and moving ground (soil) blocks, raise land, make earth tiles

It was discussed a number of times, so I decided to put it up. Feature allows more free and creative landscaping.
1. Add new building for piling soil (like log pile)
2. Add new action unlocked by it - digging the soil. Probably new flag structure with a large number of potential workers to man the worksite. Marked block of soil takes a lot of work of many beavers to first break up, and then to move soil to the storage. (so it's consuming enough to balance dynamite that does the work quickly, but destroys block without a trace)
3. Add another action - placing ground blocks. Possibly done by builders and/or diggers. Block works as a ground-only structure and also takes long time to transport and tamp down. (placing ground on buildings may lead to exploits and issues with water mechanics as we assume)

* May be more interesting with different soil types implemented
* Could work with erosion
* Consider ways to "generate" new soil blocks: raising ground (earthquakes), sedimentation, compost

On our radar Suggestion Suggested by: Gin Fuyou Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 115

Comments: 115

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