Water storage adjacancy sharing. Pipe. And change water dump to be workerless building

Like power that could be shared from ground floor adjacancy and shaft. I think water should be able to shared between water building and pipe too. The pipe system may have the same set of shape as power shaft, and instead of high power shaft we would have drain pipe that higher elevated water building will drain water to lower elevated one (which mean adjacant water tank with difference elevation will not share water, unless using drain pipe)

This also mean water pump will pump water into adjacant water storage automatically without the need to transport out. And water dump will drain water from adjacant storage too. So water dump should not need worker beaver anymore. Only transport/hauler beaver is require to transport water into it, or to adjacant water storage

Under consideration Suggested by: Thaina Yu Upvoted: 16 Nov Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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