Dining Hall (place to eat) [cafe, canteen, tavern, mess, restaurant, kitchen]

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Currently beavers eat by going to a warehouse and drink by going to a water barrel. That's fine when they're just getting started, but don't you think they'd eventually like somewhere nicer to eat?

A dining hall (or beaver equivalent) would be a mid/late game luxury building. Mechanically, it would:
* Store small amounts of food and drink.
* Allow beavers to satisfy both hunger and thirst at the same time. (Efficiency!)

* Allow beavers to proactively eat and drink during downtime instead of waiting until they're hungry. To make this not waste tons of food it either needs fractional food tracking (internally) or it needs to stack satiation.
* Allow beavers to eat a mixed meal of multiple food types (if that's relevant; I think right now it's not).
* Satisfy a need. Social makes sense thematically, but then the other social buildings are probably obsolete. Maybe a new food-related need like "cooking"? Or change the other buildings, if that's feasible.

edit: pic by Farandil

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Comments: 58