Frost Chippers (faction)

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If winter season becomes a thing, a new faction could emerge; behold the Frost Chippers.
This faction of beavers developed to thrive in cold temperatures of nordic forests.

-Their appearance resemble a polar bear, white yellowish tones of fur, fully adapted for snow and ice climates.
-Snow and ice are important on their survival, droughts would be devastating.
-Their knowledge on manipulating the states of water between liquid and solid, gave them an advantage on survival.
-Buildings are ice/snow and wood themed, some igloo type.
-They feed on berries and are very good at fishing/ ice fishing, they do not typically engage in agriculture, although they developed greenhouse systems.
-This faction could also be able to hibernate during droughts, by using a couple to none of working hours, therefore consuming much less resources.
-Walking on ice snow makes them faster.

These are some suggestions for this proposed faction.
Feel free to comment and suggest traits, upvote :)

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Alpaca Upvoted: 25 Jan Comments: 6

Comments: 6