Druidic Beavers (Faction)

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This would be an extreme conservationist faction.
Food: they will only eat unprocessed food (no baked potatoes nor bread). This would require adding two or more gatherable edibles into the game. On the upside, their Arch Druid and Acolytes can bless any 'patch' of plant to increase its yield (possible once the druidic ring has been built). Farming is spurned. They can use Forester's Lodges to 'encourage' the growth of allowed food-yielding plants.
They are able to plant some types of food-yielding plants in shallow water (1 tile depth or on 'slopes' (existing slopes available in the map editor modified for this purpose).
Metal: Druidic Beavers will not repeat the errors of Human who built these atrocities. They will not scavenge for metal. Instead of metal, they make use of very resistant (pliable) wood(s).
Reproduction: the good old fashion way (like Folk Tails).
District Centre's: its reach can be increased (platform or terraforming) because they are so dependant on gathering.

Under consideration Faction Suggested by: Yappy1188 Upvoted: 04 Oct, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1