Automation & Power Centered Faction Idea: Auto Paws

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“Wood gears strong!” -Ol’Kazko

This faction would focus on expanding the power systems to increase efficiency in all aspects of beaver life. Many of their buildings would function better than the standard equivalents but now require power to operate, and also more upfront resources to build. More power management buildings would also be part of this faction’s repertoire to help cope with their much higher power needs. Perhaps powered agricultural buildings, that would still have to be beaver operated, could expedite planting & harvesting processes.

All of this would come at the cost of a more severe population upkeep & expansion cost, to balance out their higher productivity per beaver.

Here is a google doc where I list a few building Ideas for such a faction:

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Simon_Science Upvoted: 22 Jul, '23 Comments: 3

Comments: 3