How to report problems with in-game text or a translation?

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We're asking you to post your bug reports exclusively in English but Timberborn is available in 11 languages. When reporting problems with in-game text and translations please be specific about the language version you're referring to.

I will then add a language tag with a language/country code to your suggestion. These codes are as follows:

EN – English
FR – French
DE – German
ES – Spanish
PL – Polish
pt-BR – Brazilian Portuguese
RU – Russian
zh–CN – Simplified Chinese
IT – Italian
JP – Japanese
KR – Korean


PS We understand that it is sometimes difficult to use English to explain an issue specific to another language so, as an exception, you MAY add a comment in your language so that we can pass it to our translators. The suggestion's title still has to be in English, though.

On it! In-game text (EN) Suggested by: Miami Upvoted: 29 Nov Comments: 18

Comments: 18

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