Ability to recover used materials when deleting/demolishing buildings (deconstruction)

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My fellow beavers accidentally made a Power Wheel underwater, instead of the Water Wheel I had hoped to make; when I demolished it to make way for the Water Wheel we needed, I found that the 40 Wood I had used to make the Power Wheel was gone. It was as if a well-meaning Hooman from the Time Before had 'deleted' the building and all its materials!

Canceling/demolishing a planned or constructed building currently causes it to vanish immediately, taking with it all construction materials used to build it, and all resources currently stored inside it. It would be great if our beavers could recover at least a portion of the used construction materials and/or stored resources.

[mod edit]: reclaim, refund, get back

Done Suggestion Suggested by: LeeM Upvoted: 14 Apr Comments: 245

Comments: 245