Mark existing plant - replace with different one (change crop or tree type in-place, replace crop)

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When you initially set up a forester, you have the choice between planting three different tree types. For your initial planting, you might want to prioritize quick growing trees, while incrementally switching over to Maples.

The problem is that you can only switch a plot to a Maple if there is no tree currently on the plot.

The proposal is that if you specify an area to grow tree type X. That takes effect irrespective of what tree is currently in the plot. That way if the current tree gets cut down, the forester will automatically plant the last specified tree type. Rather than the last grown tree type.

In general, it could be nice to specify forester lots on places with pre-existing trees to reduce the amount of micromanagement during setup.

This could also be a feature for farm plots.

Under consideration Suggestion Suggested by: Kosie Upvoted: 11 May Comments: 61

Comments: 61