An Idea for a new faction

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In most of these games there seems to always seem to have an element of landscaping or terraforming. What I am suggesting that one faction of beavers is focused on that so they are very competent of manipulating the land to their benefit.
-They could have a building were we have beavers to dig trenches and canals, this by no means outstrip the effectiveness of explosives but as early game option.
-They could also have aqueducts to move water from one source to another. I have seen many maps that have areas that look like they could hold water to help with irrigation.
-Also they could create a pipe system that will take the water from the water pumps to the water storage.
-A unique power supply could be a hydroelectric dam that can get a lot of power for a normal game tactic.

Under consideration Faction Suggested by: MadBomber Upvoted: 04 Oct, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1