Faction Idea - Greenpaws (Nature / Naturalist / Environmentalis / Tree-climibing Faction)

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Beavers who have forsaken the ground to live in the trees.

- Great Tree - A tree that takes 120 days to grow and adds 1 block in height to itself every 10 days. Placed like a regular building. Buildings built in the great tree are counted as connected vertically for path finding.
- Arborist - Replacement for forester and log cutter. Unlocked at the start and doesn't require wood. Trees are not cut down, they are harvested when fully grown, which returns them to their halfway growth point and provides half their timber rounded up.
- Treehouse - Housing for two beavers. Must be built in the great tree. No other housing.
- Treestow - Storage for 200 items. Must be built in the great tree. No other storage.
- Treebridge - Must be built in the great tree. Provides a platform on all four sides at the height it is built on the great tree. (Bridges can be built off them).
- Love Garden - Produces beaver children once per day so long as adult beavers visit it.

Other buildings could be in tree

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Comments: 7