Faction - Moonwood Beavers (oriental theme)

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Moonwood Beavers is a faction based on assorted images of oriental cultures like China or Japan. As Folktails specialize in farming and Iron Teeth in industry - Moonwoods excel in crafts, being less efficient in mass production, but benefiting from manufacturing chains.

It’s foundation is the use of bamboo and specific approach to aesthetics.
Gameplay focus on unconventional use of resources for construction and more complex planning of decorations to suit their peculiar tastes. Bamboo complements timber and paper is also used for building.

Little strokes fell great oaks - is the motto of the Moonwoods. They prefer keeping their tranquil traditional lifestyle and steady toiling rather than race for minute progress or gain. They believe in the need for balance in every aspect of their life, and step by step they master their skills and carve the wasteland into the garden of perfection.

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Comments: 34