Faction idea; "Skygraspers" - To dream taller than the trees.

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Skygraspers are a faction based around building tall buildings and reward the player for doing so.

The Skygraspers look towards sky like the trees that all beavers rely on, and seek to reach beyond the leaves to the stars beyond! But first, surviving the droughts!

Their motto reflects this: "Dream taller than the trees".

Mechanics: the Skygraspers are meant to have unique buildings that focus around getting off the ground and building tall; elevator shafts, tall stairs (still a 1-square footprint but goes up 2 levels), fire poles etc. all make it easier for them to build tall buildings. Rooftop farm plots and hanging hydroponic gardens also encourages a 'tall' playstyle.

Their unique houses - Apartments and Penthouses - also give mood bonuses if they're built above ground level, and Penthouses have to be. To balance this, they are smaller than their counterparts, and hold an extra beaver. An apartment, for example, is 3x1x1 in size but can accommodate four beavers.

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Vinny P Upvoted: 14 Apr Comments: 20

Comments: 20