A carnivore faction?

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During human evolution, there was a split between the primates that was based on their food intake. There was the paranthropus robustus which was a vegetarian humanoid, and the homo ergaster which became a fan of eating meat.
So, a carnivore faction of beavers who have developed a habit of eating fish and need to eat fish (or other types of meat) + vegetables in order to survive. So there would be a new necessity that these beavers would have, a meat intake. This doesn't mean they can't just go on with just vegetables, but they would be weaker, more prone to sickness (something that would be cool to add is disease and healthcare) and so on.
Also, there would be new buildings like, dunno, a Sushi stand, or a Fish and Chips stand. It also doesn't need to stop at fish, but also shellfish or trying to have some domesticated animal for milk or wool or labour.

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Comments: 2