[New Faction] The Dislodged (Nomad Faction)

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Nomad Faction: Builds tents instead of buildings, easy to migrate back and forth depending on the season, but more expensive to set up permanent structures.
I envision this faction being really fun on the larger maps, where they would move around the map making use of the natural timber deposits, and using them to build bridges and platforms onto the next forest, until finally settling down in an ideal location after the map has already been connected by a winding path of bridges and stairways. On their route they could plant long lasting, drought resistant crops like maples and berries to be harvested later on their route back.
Their lore could be that they are searching for a new home after being exiled from the Iron Teeth tribe for inefficient use of space, and picked up some young Folktails who were bored of their elders' sedentary lifestyle.
Aesthetics based off of Mongolians Berbers and Great Plains Native Americans, with some Mad Max desert punk thrown in for good measure.

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Comments: 5