Faction Ideas using other animals species - Platypus, Capybara, Moles, rodents or not

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Faction: The Weird Cousins (they are platypus)

Their Motto: "We are beavers yes mhm"

Unique Abilities:
-Requires a nest building to lay eggs, similar to iron teeth but instead of berries and water it just needs a platypus *cough cough* BEAVER'S time.
-Has access to underground housing pretty early, as in real life they sleep in underground burrows
-Better Inventors Huts? Add a sciency flavor because the platypi needed to learn how to mimic the beavers strategy
-Lock Levee's and Dams behind a tech, make up for it by giving them better water pumps and better water storage
-They eat worms/shellfish/insects in real life, maybe add a livestock building for raising the animals like cattle? one that is underwater because that is where they traditionally hunted (this may conflict with the levee's tech cost synergy-wise). This will also add a respective nutrition bonus/fulfill multiple?
-add insect hunting spots (like a fishing spot in other games)

I would add more but I HitTheCharacterLimit

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Comments: 13