Improved Map Browser

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Right now, maps are hard to navigate.


The scroll window is too small, showing only 5 at once.

The "[Custom]" prefix adds visual noise which leads to poor UX

Some custom maps have the dimensions (256x256) while others don't.

It's hard to see which maps you just loaded when you load custom maps.

It's hard to remember which maps you have played, it's all based on the name which is not always helpful.


#Phase 1
- Load map selector in a taller, large panel so you can see browse more maps at once
- Add metadata to columns (Map name, Dimensions, Created Date, Author, Author Notes/Recommendations, etc)
- Enable sorting/filtering

#Phase 2
- Preview the map screenshot when you select it

Done Suggestion UI Suggested by: alkatraz Upvoted: 28 Mar Comments: 1

Comments: 1