Copperskins (Faction)

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Weaker than their cousins, Copperskins rely on chemistry to survive the long droughts.
Through careful application of mirrors, they can turn sunlight to many purposes and conserve precious wood.
Their motto: The sun grants us everything.

A chemistry and sun-focused tribe. The red Copperskins endure extreme droughts using their knowledge of brewing to supplement water. Beverages satisfy thirst and new nutrition gauges that compensate for their slower working/movement speed. With metal, they build heliostats to focus sunlight.

Unique buildings:
- Fermenting barrel: fill with water and a food type to produce beverages over time
- Composter: Turn berries into fertiliser that preserves crops through the next drought
- Heliostat: Directs sunlight to other buildings, can substitute for logs in bakeries/grills/smelters
-- Solar pump: purify water unaided (depth 1)
-- Aeolipile: Can burn wood, or generate power per each heliostat pointing at it (stronger during drought)

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Comments: 2