Faction Idea: Dark nose

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Dark noses prefer to avoid daylight, and don't like building up so much. Most of their housing is adapted to the ground.
Faction exclusive buildings denoted as '+building'

Paths: Fewer bridges, +tunnels (if possible, faction still works fine without them though)

No new landscaping(no large platform), food(no beehive), wood, metal, science, decoration, or monuments

Storage: log pile, small warehouse, large warehouse, underground warehouse, +cellar

Housing: Lodge, Double Lodge, +small bunker, +large bunker

Water: Water pump, water dump, small tank, large tank, +cistern

Power: powerwheel, waterwheel, +small geothermal, +large geothermal

Leisure: Campfire, +Cave Hangout, Temple, Carousel (no roof-top)

part 1/2,

To mod: I have a second post explaining new structures, which I'll post in a second comment. Also I consider this idea separate from other underground faction ideas because this faction doesn't rely on tunnels or mining. I'll edit this comment after adding part B.

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Camasia Upvoted: 04 Apr Comments: 2

Comments: 2