Faction: Red Furs

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A group of busy beavers made an alarming discovery: fire! The red furs are all about burning the land for their benefit, and though they are careful, it can get out of hand. They have a few minor changes, but the biggest change is that they can burn trees to harvest faster. They use a special building called the firestarter to light the forest, which can spread to other trees. Once a tree is burnt (or just dead) they can chop it down almost instantly, and they naturally can haul logs from these trees faster. The logs lose this property when put down, but getting them to the woodcutters is faster. They also have a firefighter hut, which can help keep fires from spreading too far, and provides a unique buff: safety. Safety is applied when a beaver working at a hut walks within 3 spaces, and gives +10% work speed. Fires can also spread from trees to buildings. They take a long time to burn down, but it would be like deleting the building, in that you lose everything on top of it too.

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Sampson Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 4

Comments: 4