Third faction pretty much solid idea - Steam beavers, Fava beavers, Hotheads, Steamheads

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Housing: free tier is non-stackable, second tier is semi-stackable ("partially solid"), but requires planks, third tier is fully stackable ("solid"), requires planks and paper (japanese paper walls).

Faction-specific buildings:
Advanced gear workshop (like IT industrial sawmill, but with gears)
"Forge of knowledge" - does science, requires metal blocks (not scrap metal) and fuel
Unnamed third tier monument - requires fuel to give satisfaction
Solar-powered hot air turbine - gives energy only at daytime
Beaver statue - requires a few gears to be built

Basic source of energy: stationary boilers that require water and fuel, generate steam that cannot be stored elsewhere
Boost: additional parts vel robot cookies - made in bot parts factory from refined planks and gears

Food: (incomplete ideas)
Strawberries - can be eaten both raw and as a processed food
Fava beans - need to be cooked eg. boiled in water
Apples - same as strawberries, but trees
Rice (?) - water-based plant

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Comments: 2