The Tainted Ones (Faction Suggestion on Reddit)

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I have made a new faction idea/concept after learning about the experimental introduction of 'badwater' and 'badtides'.

With the 'badwater' feature coming up, I have to bring up the idea of a faction of beavers that have adapted to enduring 'badwater' and 'badtides'. This is partly inspired by a past post about mutant beavers (it is an old post that I am not sure I can find again).

A mishmash faction of beavers of both Folktail and Ironteeth origin, the Tainted Ones are survivors of past 'badtides' that have wiped out entire settlements. While their baseline stats are lower than that of regular, healthier, beavers, they are unique in their ability to not only resist exposure to 'badwater' but also rapidly recover from contamination even without the use of 'decontamination pods'.

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Comments: 5