Different soil types (terrain tiles variety)

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Various soil types to add more colours to the game landscape, and more things to consider for colony planning.
Possible characteristics of soil:
- Fertility: affects farming and gardening. Low fertility increases time to grow, high fertility yields better harvest
- Water permeability: how far ground allows to spread irrigation zone from water
- Stability: how many levels buildings can be stacked on it
- Erosion: how stable ground blocks are around flowing water (theme for a separate suggestion), may collapse.

Some other special effects may apply, like rock takes more explosives to blast, when bog tile is irrigated it's spawns water in itself spreading the irrigation, rocky grounds produce pebbles under flowing water and so on.
Plants and trees also may have preferred and undesirable soils.

Google docs spreadsheet with some ideas and pics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Z_m41cz8AJ6nMMy9_ZGwJjPwBEvDZ4P-DelZJrJLIJA/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks Zam and discord for some of ideas.

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Comments: 38