FAction idea: drought landers

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A faction of hearty beavers the drought lander's live in dry areas with little water. As such water storage and irrigation is a must for them.

their unique features are root plants which can grow with out water and cacti which store water as they grow acting as both food and water. Both of these require dry land and must be watered remotely.

To make up for that they have water towers which are 6 tall 3x3 buildings that can store a lot of water for transport to large and far away areas.

Along with their unique crops they have unique uses for dry land like metal mines, and lumber smokers.

lumber smokers dry up nearby land and are used to create a unique power source charcoal which burns hot and creates more drought area but its generators are un matched in energy production.

Drought landers are all about balancing the dead areas with the live ones instead of spreading green they need to maintain both dry and wet land for their own happiness and buildings.

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Comments: 1