Beaver Faction: Underpaws

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• District Centers are underground structures like the underground warehouse of the Folktails, and double as unlimited housing.
• Since DC is unlimited housing, there are no housing structures.
• In addition to paths, they also have tunnels, and 1×2×2 tunnel slopes to change the level of the tunnels, or change between paths\tunnels.
• Warehouse upgrade to Deep Warehouse with 4000 storage, accessed only by tunnel, as opposed to Folktails' underground warehouse that is only accessed from surface.
• Water Drain, only accessable by tunnel, instead of Water Pump — must be underground, below water, but does not need workers.
• They travel slow through shallow water, not just deep water.
• Can't build explosives factories or build\place explosives.
• Any flags and farmhouses must connect to a tunnel below them. (path connections optional)
• Surface structures only connect to tunnels directly below the surface. (level -1 if surface is level 0).

And so forth… basically an underground faction.

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Realms×Myths Upvoted: 14 Oct, '23 Comments: 7

Comments: 7