"Chiselheart" faction (stone specialists)

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The Chiselheart faction (or whatever name they choose) would be able to quarry stone to make buildings out of them and use gravel as byproduct to make new soil blocks. (maybe with some logs so that it feels natural and compost-ish.

They could dig tunnels with dynamite, basically not needing the block to be exposed on top to destroy it.

Someone suggested aqueducts, they could be ideal for this faction and their masonry skills. (or maybe an advanced version if aqueducts get implemented for all factions)

They could build paved roads that allow them to move faster/farther.

Maybe their stone furnaces are better, allowing them to make fine glass as well.
(If winter ever gets implemented, greenhouses and all that https://timberborn.featureupvote.com/suggestions/194834/winter-season)

Lots of ifs and coulds but who knows what the future is made of? I think it would be super interesting to have them.

Under consideration Faction Suggestion Suggested by: Ephora Upvoted: 17 Sep, '23 Comments: 8

Comments: 8