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Street lights, firefly lamps, lantern decorations, night illumination

while playing the game I've seen the environment is so dull looking, street lights or some lamps would be great to work with.
Suggested by: Panindhra Tallapudi (16 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 24 Nov Comments: 25
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Shadows just don't make sense. (Shadows rotate with camera)

Shadows. Simply speaking, Not very realistic. Shadows always point to the top right corner of the screen no matter what rotation your camera is at. I'm not saying ...
Suggested by: 1357_rex (17 Aug, '21) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 67
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Beaver logging animation, I want to see my beavers gnaw trees over!

I would love to see beavers animations improved. When "cutting" trees, it would be awesome to see them plant their teeth into the trees and gnaw them over, instead of ...
Suggested by: Krufar (16 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 12 Nov Comments: 8
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

More beaver Animations

Have not played alot yet but I feel that all the beaver actions feel quiet stale. Some animations like using an axe when cutting down trees would be nice, for ...
Suggested by: Noah (27 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 08 Oct Comments: 16
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

campfire interactions

Hi! I want to start with saying that I love playing your game. And especially I like how chill it is. So I was sitting and zooming on a campfire while beavers ...
Suggested by: Andrei (28 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 12 Nov Comments: 4
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Water visual bug - water in corners, "leaking" diagonal levees

It seemes like when water is like this(shown in the picture) it bugs a little
Suggested by: Taavi (22 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 03 Nov Comments: 19
Under consideration Bug Visual

Change either the "Plank" icon or the "Metal Block" icon

The plank and metal block icons are too similar, at a glance it is easy to confuse the 2 icons together. (personally they look like a slight rotation of each other ...
Suggested by: Infinite (04 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 08 Oct Comments: 3
Under consideration Suggestion UI Visual

Rooftop Terrace and Camp Fire lighting problems

Illumination from the Rooftop Terrace is inconsistent and flickers during camera motion. This affects beavers sitting around the light and nearby buildings and ...
Suggested by: Night (20 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 21 Aug Comments: 21
Under consideration Bug Visual

Floating logs in stacked storage

just a visual bug but i found if you stack industrial storages on top of each other sometimes the logs will show as strapped to the ceiling of the lower storage.
Suggested by: Toofsman (17 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 07 Nov Comments: 14
Under consideration Bug Visual

More visual effects: Heat Wave Refraction during Drought, Moonlight, Fog

Adding a heat wave refraction effect to the background could make for an interesting addition to the ambience of a drought. (I've included a picture for an example) ...
Suggested by: Jordan (19 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 19 Sep Comments: 5
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Building: Flower Garden (Building Decorations)

How about flower gardens where you can grow sunflowers as well as many other smaller flowers in different colors and shapes. These could then be used as building ...
Suggested by: Nobody (15 Jan) Upvoted: 02 Nov Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Aesthetic Building Options

1. When you click on a building, you can set the colors for the roofs and walls. You can also choose whether to mirror them (the lodge has a mirrored version that I ...
Suggested by: Manny (24 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 22 Nov Comments: 0
Under consideration Building Suggestion Visual


I want woodpeckers. Idk what they're good for but the games color pallet needs something red, the beavers need some kind of pet for splash art and marketing, and ...
Suggested by: Max (08 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 24 Jan Comments: 6
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Reduce fog or add option to remove

New experimental lighting changes for dawn and dusk are pretty, but fog is overpowering and ends up detracting from appearance Attached image compares fog on ...
Suggested by: Stone Cold Jane Austen (05 Mar) Upvoted: 09 Nov Comments: 7

Incomplete levee barrier (dam, floodgates) blocks water anyways, unfinished dam on watefalls

I had the beavers build a 2 level levee barrier (not sure if that's the correct term), they just built 3 blocks and water already started flowing above what the final ...
Suggested by: Lorenzo Bertolino (17 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 02 Jan Comments: 17
Under consideration Bug Visual

Trees fruit and sap cycle and visuals, blooming period

I'm very glad with introduction of non-wood resources from trees in experimental branch, but i'd like some adjustments to it, to make it look better and play somewhat ...
Suggested by: Gin Fuyou (07 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 17 Nov Comments: 5
Under consideration Experimental Suggestion Visual

Rock / Dirt Walls Could Become Mossy when Wet

I think it would be cool if rock walls, and not just ground would change appearance when wet. The walls could become either: - mossy - overgrown with vines or ...
Suggested by: Maxi (04 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 16 Nov Comments: 2
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Please move fences to edge of tile and keep said tile as available for construction

The new fences look nice and all, but I'm finding myself not using them because they take up tiles of space. It'd be better if they were something that could be built ...
Suggested by: FuryoftheStars (20 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 14 Oct Comments: 4
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Decals and paint

If it's possible... Player-placed decals on the walls or rocks would make the game even more awesome, A paint-production facilty producing paint form resin and other ...
Suggested by: Anton (23 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 02 Nov Comments: 3
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Change river bottom texture from grass to something else - more realistic rivers

Just a tiny suggestion. For realism it might be a good idea if the land under the water is something other than grass..... after all the bottom of a river isnt ...
Suggested by: Kitty (15 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 22 Aug Comments: 5
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Improved water visuals - whitewater (foam, splashes, waterfall effects)

Add whitewater features to areas of river with high slope
Suggested by: Michael Cheeseman (21 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 23 Jul Comments: 4
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Trees sway with wind

It would be a really nice atmospheric addition to the game to make the trees sway when the wind is high. Currently there is a mismatch between the auditory experience ...
Suggested by: Phil (10 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 25 Mar Comments: 1
Under consideration Visual

Rename and/or colour storage buildings.

In order to better manage storage, it would be useful to be able to name each storage. For example, so that with one click, we can see what it contains 'Wood' or ...
Suggested by: Guru Cube (07 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 27 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Make wind affect smoke from bakeries and grills

The smoke from bakeries and grills always goes straight up, it's a little boring. Since wind direction and speed is already a thing in the game, it'd be nice if the ...
Suggested by: BadRAM (28 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 14 Oct Comments: 0
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Battery causes connected power shaft animation even if there is no power usage in network

it seams that the battery animates even when noting is connected to it
Suggested by: Mat (28 Jul) Upvoted: 05 Nov Comments: 6
Under consideration Bug Visual

Iron Teeth Faction - Beaver Teeth Visual

The Iron Teeth faction is shown with white teeth. I personally really like the name "Iron Teeth" giving a nod to the real fact that beavers teeth are actually ...
Suggested by: Jordan (21 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 23 Jun Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Beaver animations, more immersive visuals

Hi! I work in a mobile gamedev company, and we spend a lot of time working on the visual aspect of the game. After bingeplaying timberborn for for the entire weekend ...
Suggested by: AT (25 Sep) Upvoted: 13 Oct Comments: 4
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Cosmetics for buildings, colour-painting your constructions

A big part of the game for me is building good-looking, interresting and/or insane villages and structures. With the water mechanics, stackable buildings and ...
Suggested by: Idobox (24 Mar) Upvoted: 02 Nov Comments: 3
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Refinery Smoke

When creating catalyst, the smoke from the refinery should match the color of the catalyst. Right now it's yellow smoke even though catalyst is purple.
Suggested by: Rezzen (2 days ago) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 1
Under consideration Experimental Suggestion Visual

More green land features

Make beavers happier when house is in green. Add foliage (Random-height grass and flowers) when land has been green for a long time.
Suggested by: Stars (27 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 09 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Add more "grades" of Tree Growth visual

As it is now, Tree growth happens very abruptly. You have a tiny Tree, then a looong time of nothing happening, then it sproings into a medium-sized Tree, and then ...
Suggested by: Peter Knutsen (27 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 10 Oct Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Save the old golem models and let us "unlock" them at 30 wellbeing in a playthrough

Its a shame to toss out the old models when they work perfectly fine and are quite cool. I never had a problem with them being 'golems' over bots. Its the same thing. ...
Suggested by: Grey Kylia (24 Nov) Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 0
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Suggestions: More beaver variations, Beaver looking older when ageing

More beaver variation: Having there be more beaver colors, sizes and maybe adding more defining features such as outfits, belts and hats. Beaver looking older ...
Suggested by: Anna (06 Feb) Upvoted: 16 Feb Comments: 0
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Strange bug with water and shadows - reflections in water

unsure of what caused it but whatever system controls the water filter seems to have broken and is now overlaying the shadows from items that are above ground onto ...
Suggested by: Bala (21 Jul) Upvoted: 28 Jul Comments: 2

The rooftop terrace has 10 seats and it can only hold 6 beavers

the rooftop terrace has 10 seats yet it can only hold 6 beavers! it's really odd.
Suggested by: Seb (05 Sep) Upvoted: 26 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration Visual

Rotate (change direction) of seedbeds \ crop fields

[mod edit]: Placing crops should also allow rotating mode with R as building, to make more pretty and natural-looking farming zones. (Original description by ...
Suggested by: АндрСй (31 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 12 Apr Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Improve Crop Growth Visualization

Now the growth visualization system is binary mode (in graphic only "growing" and "ripe"). When you want to inspect an area of field, you need to click the ...
Suggested by: Gilbert Chen (09 Nov) Upvoted: 18 Nov Comments: 0
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

New employment screen - changes for better visual representation and more intuitive control.

Right now the workplaces screen lists all buildings and alows to see their priorities pretty easily. Unfortunately the jobs are still a confusing mess and even when ...
Suggested by: Zam! (05 Mar) Upvoted: 08 Aug Comments: 0
Under consideration Accessibility Experimental UI Visual

Pumps and Floodgates extend through the bottom of the map, buildings clip through ground

Objects aren't clipped to the bottom of the map. This is most noticeable on small maps such as Diorama. Deep water pumps are the biggest offenders, extending six ...
Suggested by: Nathan (30 Jan) Upvoted: 24 Apr Comments: 7
Under consideration Visual

Suggestion - paths get "worn in" and become more prominent as more beavers use them

At the moment it seems odd that all structures require beavers to make them, but paths appear fully formed at the click of a mouse. I propose that instead, the ...
Suggested by: RadCat (22 Jan) Upvoted: 11 Feb Comments: 3
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Snap camera to a player-designated point

I would like to request a camera feature that would snap the camera to a view that's facing towards a particular point the player has set. This would be useful to ...
Suggested by: asperatology (09 Sep) Upvoted: 10 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration Visual

Shadows on Unconstructed Buildings

Shadows appear from any unconstructed buildings when any tab that shows unconstructed buildings is open. They aren't present if no tabs/construction sites are ...
Suggested by: Jisto (23 Apr) Upvoted: 17 Aug Comments: 2
Under consideration Bug Visual

Minor bug: Power wheel legs of beavers walk faster then the wheel turns

It looks like they are sliding within the wheel, because the wheel moves slower then their feet move.
Suggested by: Tripod (22 Mar) Upvoted: 08 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration Visual

Mud Bath should bubble when connected to power, whether or not it's in use

It's a little odd that the mud bath only starts bubbling when a beaver gets in, even though it's powered all the time. I think it makes more sense for the bubble ...
Suggested by: RadCat (25 Jan) Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 2
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

The beavers are slightly different colors (cute) but their portraits are all the same (drat)

I like that the beavers are slightly different colors, I think it adds something. In fact, I wish that there were more variations between individual beavers! That ...
Suggested by: Jj (11 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 02 Jan Comments: 2
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

Power wheel more realistic running animation

The beaver powered energie wheel could be more realistic. Instead of the beaver running in the middle, the beaver should use the whole body. It reduces the stress ...
Suggested by: Jesco Meyer (26 Apr) Upvoted: 08 Jun Comments: 1
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

sloped levee and sloped dam (visual)

it might be nice to have sloped levees and dams for decorating a village later on in the game, functionally, they would be just a stairs but would look like a wood ...
Suggested by: * (07 Jan) Upvoted: 17 Jun Comments: 1
Under consideration Building Suggestion Visual

Beavers should not sleep in water

Beavers sometimes lay down in the water to sleep, while no buildings are around. Shouldn't they prefer a dry place to sleep if not sleeping in a building?
Suggested by: Incapybara (26 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 20 Feb Comments: 1
Under consideration Bug Visual

CHange in-game mouse to reflect being in-game

When alt-tabbing, or playing with multiple monitors, it would be a quality of life addition to make the game's mouse, or cursor, use a built in game icon, rather than ...
Suggested by: Bill Campbell (13 Nov) Upvoted: 13 Nov Comments: 3
Under consideration QOL UI Visual

Less anthropomorphic beavers

Alright, this is all highly subjective, but I feel the beavers don't need to look so much like, basically, humans. For example, real life beavers are pretty capable ...
Suggested by: Rasmus (13 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 03 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration Suggestion Visual

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